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Revolutionary Clear Coat Restoration Product

Perma Clear-Coating

What is Perma Clear-Coating?

Perma Clear-Coating is a product derived from real automotive clear coat, designed to give back in a permanent way the shine of the original new car look. It’s a hand applied clear coat that’s auto-levelling and self-correcting. Our treatment is specially conceived to bond in a permanent way to all finished. It eliminates the discoloration, oxidation and brings back its deep brilliance and this even on gel coats.


Perma Clear-Coating is the only product currently on the market that is permanent. It does not require ANY sanding, ANY polishing and ANY glossing before or after the application. This product was invented by an auto body paint shop owner to save time when painting units. He fast realized the products potential in automobiles, farm equipment, boats, heavy equipment, put it this way anything that’s got clear coat or gel coat our product can be applied.


Perma Clear-Coating is an automobile high end clear coat more resistant than most original clear coats on the market these days. Its formulated to bring back the paints original shine at a fraction of the cost of a paint job. It contains a UV protection against the sun’s harmful rays, it creates a barrier between salt and calcium and combined with coatings such as the GTECHNIQ products, it becomes even more resistant to the elements.


Entrust us your vehicle… yo shall be reunited 24 hours later with a spectacular and permanent shine better than when it was new.


You will be under the impression that your vehicle received a new paint job, but at the fraction of the cost.


Brighter, faster than a polishing and permanent like paint. Perma Clear-Coating is a beautiful alternative between the two. Therefore, no risks of leaving swirl marks or burning threw the paint cause where not using a buffer and polishes. If you have swirl marks caused by a polishing machine, PERFECT, they will disappear with Perma Clear-Coating. When picking up your vehicle you will find it looking new and protected with our product.

Ecological and Economic

Perma Clear-Coating is applied by hand, therefore no V.O.C’s in the air and thus no product waste making this technique ecological and cost effective. The quantity of product used to clear coat a vehicle is much less… You will pay only a fraction of the price compared to a job done by a conventional auto body shop.


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