Why Perma Clear Coating?

  • Restores Any Vehicle
  • Eliminates Discoloration
  • Hand applied
  • Auto-leveling
  • Self Correcting
  • Permenant shine

What is Perma Clear Coating?

Perma-Clear Coating is a product derived from real automotive clear coat, designed to give back in a permanent way the shine of the original new car look. 

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Quality Canadian Product

  • Ecological
  • Made in Canada
  • High-end
  • Hand-applied
  • No toxic emissions

Our Success Story

Created in the mid 90’s, in Eastern Canada since 2011. The popularity and the expansion has gone skyward. We are in several Canadian provinces and have now gone international. Refer to our Franchise locator for more info!

What makes it different?

  • Best Quality
  • Best Shine
  • Permanent
  • No Sanding
  • No Polishing
  • Long Lasting


Perma-Clear Coating was the first to revolutionize the field of automobile esthetics by introducing this kind of product into eastern Canada. It is now manufactured in the province of Quebec, Canada by us in our facilities.

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North America & Overseas

  • Quebec
  • Ontario
  • New Brunswick
  • France
  • Belgium
  • Luxembourg

Be your own boss

Training is included with the
purchase of the franchise and
you will also get a starter kit
good for about 30 or 60 units
which enables you to make your
investment profitable relatively fast

Farm Equipement

Heavy Machinerie

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Cars & Trucks

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